Entry 1

Tonight I will write my first entry. I’ve been at Clear Creek School House for about 2 weeks now. My time here has been amazing! I am so glad that I chose to come. The people are great and the overall state of mind shared by everyone here is very inspiring.

I’ve been debating how, or if I should, document my experience. I considered making this a journal format, but I don’t feel right sharing in that manner. I think I will just try to note the things I’ve been up to and leave most of my thoughts on the experiences out.

Since I’ve arrived:

  • I’ve learned a lot about various garden plants, including several species of plant that I had no idea existed. One of the residents who lives here has an extensive garden that contains a diverse selection of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Its very impressive. There are multiple types of tomatoes, potatoes, beans, squash, peppers, eggplant etc… One really cool herb, called spilanthes, has a numbing effect when chewed! Its a neat sensation.
  • I’ve moved inside (was camping outside). I’m now staying in this really nice room with an amazing view! IMG_20171014_160505664
  • I’ve learned a little more about mushrooms. I’ve been trying to find and identify some in the woods. I think I successfully identified a destroying angel (Aminita verosa) which is one of the deadly poisonous mushrooms. Unfortunately I have not had much luck finding any of the editable varieties. I think its a combination of the non-ideal weather conditions and my lack of experience. Its still fun looking though.
  • I’ve been exposed to acroyoga!! Its so much fun! I hope to find places elsewhere that practice it once I leave here.
  • I’ve recently been introduced to singing “rounds” which involves a group of people singing verses of a song that overlap in harmony with one another. I would compare it to an acapella performance. The songs that we have sung are very beautiful and have this old-timey quality to them that’s hard to explain. Its really enjoyable.
  • I was happy to have discovered a workshop in the barn! I used it to build a couple of shelves in the root cellar.

Life is good!


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